Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finally... An Update!

Hello Everyone! Kevin / Kiev697 / Black117 here!

Its been a while since I posted here on Faraway Island, though I have somewhat of a minor update regarding the schedule of this site. First off, I'm not gonna lie but its been almost about a week since I've done any form of competitive battling, even from league battles (I'll get to that last part in the later bit). There's a loads of stuff to cover so I'm just going to cover them by points.

UPDATE: Experimental Sand Team

The last time I actually tested a team out on Battle Spot or Showdown was actually right after the new Mega Salamence "Quick Sand" team was publish (that's what the author calls it from the respective article). Despite the similarities to my old 1st VGC team, it has gone 20-10 on Battle Spot Doubles and on ranked fairly high on the showdown ladder, even getting close to win a tourney with it on Showdown twice. The team has undergone several changes even replacing Cresselia for Virizion  after facing several a couple of teams which had Suicune-Kang, Mega Gyarados, or rain in general. Pretty much Virizion scares the crap out of these Pokemon has been the reason why I've done well on Battle Spot after a rocky 2-3 start. I guess this is somewhat  of the "big" update regarding how this team is performing so its doing well, but this somewhat leads me to my next point (probably the biggest point to make).

Team Building Struggles + Lack of Interest in Competitive

Now I'm sorta at a crossroads regarding VGC. As far as the RNG goes, yes it can be annoying to lose matches where I've basically win but my opponent gets an out (like say flinch or a 10% chance) and wins off of it. While the the RNG is "unfair" at times and might seem stacked up against me, I'm not total unfazed by it anymore. Instead of focusing in the RNG, I've decided to deal with a larger issue at hand which kinda involves my "team building process". I realized there are many instances where I throw out a team just because its not winning enough times. Trust me, I've probably test many other teams before I posted some of them on my team showcase back on the forum. In other words, I've had more "success" with teams I've used before than make a new one.

Despite these frustrations, I don't think I've sorta "fallen out" of the pack... yet but competitive battling has reached somewhat of a low point for me with the centralization of proven archetypes. Yes there are notable variations of CHALK and other playstyle team for me to try out but with some IRL stuff going on I just don't have the time to even team build or breed a team. Currently I'm within the Top 20 in the U.S at 1832 but I've decided to stop battling seriously and try to focus on developing articles in both Pokemon Forever and yes here as well.

PFA Disbanded for Now

I regret to inform everyone the PFA League has been disbanded just mainly due to the lack of participation on about half of the people involved. For sure the issue came about when we decided to let a bunch of newer people to Pokemon Forever join the league but left immediately during week 1. Pretty much this confirms the fact that for a league to function, it needs to have a means of direct communication with all the participates involved. There were smaller leagues that opened up but I think given the lack of time to team build now, I have to sit myself out for now.

Faraway Island Schedule

Man I really regret not having any information up during the past few weeks but I'm back after handling some IRL stuff (one of them being an attempted home invasion robbery). So kinda stress out about "that" and some others stuff I'm not going to bore everyone here. As of right now, I'm only going to focus on having content here about every 2-3 times a month which is somewhat of a drastic change compared with how I've been able to make about 5 articles in a span of 2 weeks all pre-prepared. For sure I'm going to post two team reports soon and hopefully that will make up for the lack of content. Yes these team reports are somewhat old but consider these two a "break" to the CHALK and other good stuff  VGC teams.

Now that I'm back here. Lets hope that everything will be in order.

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