Thursday, September 17, 2015

1st UPDATE: Where I Plan to take Faraway Island from Here

You guys won't stop seeing these Mew gifs anytime soon

With only like a few post and a couple of days into this blog, I feel as though its time to have some sort of "proper" stop for this month of September. For every month now, I'll have about 2 update posts regarding the content and future post people should anticipate for as well as thoughts and opinions on how I'm doing so far. Before I go on with any debriefing, I'd like to thank all the people who supported me for motivating into making this blogspot mainly since I love to write, even if it sounds like crap at time, but for sure I'll avoid devolving myself into going into BS tangents. That's what I absolutely promise not to do for this blogspot which is to try not to half-ass all my works and follow-through with my schedule (unless real life intervenes). The welcome post, I admit was somewhat more of a guidelines and a rant in the end there. I'd want to amend and makeup that here with what I have to offer for the readers of Faraway Island.

So regarding what I plan on posting for now on until the next update.

  1. "Experimental" and "Successful Ladder" Teams: Basically if I have an idea of a team, I'll write a very brief theorymon about what its suppose to accomplish and how successful it is. For sure people can comment about the experimental teams but please try not to scrutinize it as much as maybe my ladder and tourney teams. Its honestly just thoughts and ideas about what I hope can work with over time and improve it myself over time. There might be some teams that I'll keep "hidden" if I do decided to join the VGC circuit for 2016 but only time will tell. Feedback about the team from anyone is great, but please don't say crap like "oh you are using legendaries", "you stupid newb", "Smogon fucker" or any derogatory comments that doesn't contribute to the site. Its completely unnecessary at all. Don't expect me to write about how I'm making Pachurisu viable again or use unviable stuff when there's an something like an Aegislash, Mega Salamence, or Sylveon right there to use. Of course my examples are regarding VGC so its free game quite honestly.
  2. Language: Last time I'll address this, with that above post, I'll try my best not to censor myself about regarding my language or thoughts about a certain thing. Obviously I'm not going to go on huge rants against a certain person I dislike in the Pokemon community (maybe if I see that it gets annoying but no huge rants) I'm not that kind of person at all. In fact, I'm very quiet if you mean me in real life, but once any of gets to "know me", you'll see I'm just someone trying to fit in everyday life. Lets be honest, everyone jokes around and says random crap every now so often. Yes I'm going to cuss every now and then and maybe joke around here just to spicy things up here since it already feels sucked out of its life. However if you feel offended by by just the language or me just throwing a cuss word like fuck every so often then this is not a blog post for you. 
  3. Real Life Updates: I'll keep my IRL stuff to a minimum here since the whole blog post will focus primarily on the competitive Pokemon scene from Singles or VGC. If I really feel like opening up, then yes I'll make one of these post once in a blue moon if it interferes with time being taken from battling. If there's an emergency update, then I'll give a debrief on potentially how long I won't post here depend on how serious the matter is. 
  4. Contributions to Pokemon Forever: For sure I have to address this one since people from the site will ask. No I'm not leaving Pokemon Forever because I'v started a blog post here. I'm going to be frank and say that I'll contribute to the site in whatever way I can. Still visiting Pokemon Forever so expect Team Reports, RMTs, Pokemon analysis and other guides to be posted there. However, most of those Team Reports, Pokemon Analysis and any other stuff will be posted here first before going onto Pokemon Forever. For sure some language and other add ons will be taken out just to follow community guidelines. This is probably the "best compromise" as I can post about the teams here and then the follow day just edit, format it, and eventually post it onto the site. For sure I won't rewrite the majority of the stuff I'll say but at least people will get to see my content at Pokemon Forever and here. 
  5. Battle Codes and Maybe Videos on Youtube Soon?: Until I get another copy of ORAS, I really don't have any space for Battle Videos to show with most of them being reserved for PFA battles and tournaments. Of course I could just go on Showdown, but interest ladder there has dropped for me since I kinda want to focus on Battle Spot (yes even with the no pentagon format) for the time being, There are some old teams I plan on talking extensively about but I have to search and look for old battle  replays videos on showdown. Definitely gonna organize these so I can show something. This only applies to 3 teams that are going to be posted here in the upcoming weeks. For the future, I might consider uploading past battles on Youtube with my phone so expect that late next month.
  6. Battle Spot/Showdown Progress: For this, I'll show brief updates about how the Battle Spot Double ladder is from the in-game carts. I'll try not to show my teams as much and reserve that for the "Experimental" and "Team Reports" so yeah. For Showdown, again interest isn't there since I'm working on the site but its the only place to get 100% VGC 2015 practice at the moment so there will be something akin to this.
  7. Taking Somewhat of a "Mini Break" from Battling: Since there has been a restart of the Battle Spot Ladder and hopefully on Showdown soon, I'm going to take a break from battling competitively for about until October. This will give me time to focus more on the site here and maybe craft a couple of team ideas. Not gonna lie but the reason why I'm taking a rest from battling with the exception of league battles is mostly due to burn out (I'll make a personal post about this soon to elaborate and share).
Now that's everything is covered, here are a couple of planned write-ups I aim at doing for this site and on Pokemon Forever.

  • Experimental Team: Gravity + Sheer Force Landorus-I (New Battle Spot Doubles Team)
  • Team Report: Mega Gardevoir Sand Room (Won't post on PKMN4EVER because team is somewhat similar to someone else's team
  • Team Report: Mega Gengar Stall Team (Peaked 7th in the US Rankings for BSD)
  • Team Report: Mega Garchomp Sand Room Team
  • Opinions: Mega Gardevoir or Sylveon: Who's Better?
  • PFA: Regular Season Report for Singles
  • PFA: Regular Season Report for Doubles 
  • (Still haven't decided if I want to include playoffs with the regular season but I'll decide eventually. This might be postpone till Late October / November)
  • Pokemon Analysis: Mega Salamence
  • Pokemon Analysis: Ferrothorn
  • A couple of personal thoughts regarding what I mentioned

For sure, I'll try to finish at least 4 of the 10 items here by the end of September. Probaby gonna start working on the one of the team reports today and at least finish 1 by the end of the month and have scheduled releases on October. That's about all I have to say about my UPDATE post so see you all in the next one. 

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  1. Amazing job so far Kiev, looking forward to all thats to come :)