Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Very Late Welcome Post / Opening to Faraway Island


Alright we've all been through this cheesy crap over a thousand times ready, but...

or... Faraway Island!

So just as the title says, I've started this website / blogspot of sorts to share my thoughts, opinions, and insight in about just about anything in the competitive Pokemon community whether its from VGC, Smogon, events from Pokemon Forever/NB/Smogon, etc. Though the main focus of this site is to basically postings anything that interest me competitively, I'll broaden my scope to recent Pokemon new such as Corocoro leaks, latest bans, trends, IRL events, and anything else that fits the overall aim for this site. For those who are really into competitive Pokemon with wealth of experience, much of the posts I'm going to make are practically informal to my own writing style, but at least well-thought out hopefully. For anyone (probably younger audiences) whose just getting into competitive battling, this is not the blogspot for you as I'm not posting any guides on EV training, IV breeding, RNG abuse, battling/game mechanics (unless to report discovered glitches),  or anything of that matter soon. Maybe once I get a hang of typing since I'm not a keyboard warrior sorts and my typing speed is really fucken bad to the world standards. ....Yeah expect some off IRL tangential anecdotes like that so expect some "story time" stuff as well lol

For sure I want to get this grilled on everyone's head since it kinda is obligatory for a blog like this...I don't and never claimed 109% to be the "best player" in all of competitive Pokemon. Honestly I just like to battle on Battle Spot/Showdown and post my thoughts about the teams, playstyle, and individual Pokemon I've used. I've only gotten into singles battling back in late BW2  in August 2013 just before XY was about to drop, and VGC around December 2014 after participating in a subscriber tournament and getting hook from there. However I've known about the competitive communities like Smogon and Nugget Bridge beforehand and "lurk" in the forums constantly just to get stuff for my in-game semi competitive teams back prior to August 2013 and til today. Now I feel that I'm relatively decent enough (especially on the VGC end recently) to post stuff. Here are some other guidelines for this site as well in bullets:

  1. A great deal of post will be about about teams and cores "experimental" posted here so just don't take these seriously as maybe my ladder teams. 
  2. If I do get relatively high on the ladder with a certain team (1800+ on Battle Spot, 1600+ on Showdown, finish high in an IRL tourney) then you can bet your ass I'm posting that team here. Trust me since this will happen more than once. 
  3. Some of the "Team Reports" will be posted unto the Pokemon Forever site since I feel as though we need some quality teams on there. Don't be surprised those team reports will be taken word for word. So yes I admit I'm going to plagiarize... myself. Nah though I'm probably gonna censor some stuff since the Pokemon Forever site has some young people on the site and I'll still follow community guidelines there.
  4. I'm open to any comments of constructive criticism only regarding anything in the Pokemon competitive battling, so please keep out any IRL issues, politics, social issues, and anything else aside as this isn't the site just not to create any "divisions". 
  5. As I said before, I'm not the best battler but only above average at times. Don't come complain to me if the team I've posted here doesn't work well on the ladder or events. Those teams aren't meant for you at all, just to fit my play style. 
  6. For sure we all know there are "Grammar Nazis" who just pick apart anyone's writing style. I'm not gonna hide this fact but I honestly dislike them so much mainly because they "never" show me what is proper language. Of course I'll try my best to learn advance grammar (even though the schools I've went never formally taught it to me or my peers), please don't be the dick or ass to only highlight about my grammatical errors and not contribute about the competitive scene. If its that obvious, then sure I'll make the edits, however don't just highlight the damn page with "your" stylized writing. Well I guess my rant about grammar pricks is over now. 

With all that out of the way, here's an adorable gif of Mew!

Though since this is the "internet"

This picture seems to sum this opening up well ...

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  1. I sure the heck will be an avid reader of this. Looking forward to see what you have to say.